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Op 24 maart werd de punk-verzamelaar Palestine: A land of heroic people, killed by a people who stole land beschikbaar gesteld via Bandcamp. Een actie die helaas noodzakelijk is. Het geweld is onmenselijk, het lijden onmetelijk en hulp is hard nodig.

Na onderzoek bleek dat er meerdere compilaties en acties zijn gestart in de punk gemeenschap. Een overzicht. Help als je kunt!

Punks for Gaza - Genocide (

Palestine: A land of heroic people, killed by a people who stole land

The purpose of this download album is to raise money to help families (some of whom we know personally) escape from Gaza. Every penny raised will go to that cause.

Under “normal” circumstances it costs between 250 and a thousand Dollars per person (depending on the time of year) to travel from Rafah into Egypt. At the moment it costs 5 thousand Dollars per person. So a family of four would need $20,000 (about £16,000) in order to escape the genocide happening in Gaza right now.

So people who have probably never had $20,000 in the first place (how many of you reading this have that sort of money to hand?) somehow have to raise it. How? There’s little, if any work and each day is spent concentrating, quite literally, on staying alive with no food, water or shelter. It’s an impossible situation that no one should be subjected to.

One of the people we know and are trying to help is a woman named Salma, who did the spoken word intro in Arabic at the start of our song “It’s Not Antisemitic To Hate Fascists”. This was recorded 5 or 6 years ago, which means nothing other than the fact people recognised then, as they do now, the inequalities and persecution Palestinians have been enduring for the past (now) 76 years. This didn’t all start on the 7th October. Salma said…

“In the 70 years since the creation of israel, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been killed by israeli forces and illegal settlers.
This is ethnic cleansing.
This is genocide.”

When you buy this album please remember that Bandcamp and PayPal both take percentages of the money (for example, if you donate £5, we’ll get about £3.80 or less) so, if possible, please consider adding an extra quid or two on top. We know times are hard so we really do appreciate absolutely anything you can spare. Thankyou xx

If you would like to donate without downloading the album, you can do so here…

released March 24, 2024

Huge thanks to all the bands for giving us tracks to use (most have come from the bands’ social media so please check out the rest of their stuff…there’s some cracking bands out there). Special thanks also to Craig Thompson for putting us in touch with a number of the bands.

Link here:

Punks for Gaza - Palestunes (

PALESTUNES – Palestine Solidarity Compilation

Punk – Dbeat – Rave – Folk – Dub – Ska – Psych

A compilation of some of the UK and Europes best underground bands, brought together in solidarity and support of frontline aid projects in Palestine.

Raising funds for Cwtch Pals, a Welsh collective assisting Palestinian families with border crossings, reuniting and relocating them. For full info on their ongoing work, you can read here –

We’ve kept the minimum donation at £2 to keep it accessible, but please donate what you can. If you would rather donate direct to the cause and cut out bandcamp fees, we’re happy to send you the tracks!

We’ve been lucky enough to include a track from Active Slaughter (UK), containing a vocal sample directly from one of the family members from the last crossing..

..including other tracks by Scottish Gabba Punk, Public Serpents, Girobabies,Rank, Mercurius Rising, Pisskrieg, Fidget & The Twitchers, Buff, Boom Boom Racoon, Bossmags, Luvdump, Dub The Earth & dissident Noize Factory

Further info on Cwtch Pals-
February saw Cwtch Pals fund two families to cross the border and we now need your help to raise more funds. Please help us to help our next family:
They are a family of five and have been close friends of Lara (part of Cwtch Pals) for over 20 years from when she taught English in Gaza City.The daughter who was only 5 at the time and would often visit the classroom armed with gifts of chocolate for Lara and sit on her lap while she taught the class.
Over the years, they’ve continued their friendship and it has been a joy to watch this lovely family grow up. Sadly, our family not only lost their home but also the next home they evacuated to in a bombing that left them injured, killed their beloved pets and tragically killed their neighbours. Mother and daughter were eventually evacuated to Egypt so the daughter could continue with multiple surgeries on a very badly broken leg but sadly, the rest of the family had to remain in Gaza.The family have never been apart before and they are desperate to be together again.
In Gaza, they are existing with no electricity or water, are in constant fear of the bombs and are extremely traumatised from what they have endured so far. They lived a happy life in Gaza: the daughter working as a broadcaster and journalist; her father as a journalist and in PR; one brother had graduated from university, the youngest still in high school and mum keeping the family together and raising kind, hard working children.Now they are scared, injured and absolutely desperate to be reunited.
When we have raised the border crossing fees for them, we will then help other families in need to do the same. We forge long-lasting links and friendship with the families we help and will continue to offer our support to them in any way we can.We will not stop but your support is so desperately needed. Please help us to help families live.

To give directly to the cause and cut out bandcamp fees, you can donate here-

released March 12, 2024

Link here:

Discharge - The More I See (


Join this benefit raffle today for an incredibly rare chance to win a limited Discharge Poster! Exclusive 1984 Promo Photo Feat. Palestinian Freedom Fighter Leila Khaled. Taken in April 1984 for the single “The More I See” , This recently unearthed photo was never used in any album covers or posters until now.

Limited to 5 Prints . Hand Numbered & Signed by Rainy, Cal , Garry Moloney & Bones. This is the first time the ’81 lineup has signed anything together in over 40 years.

2x White Poster
3x Black Poster

Size 16.5in x 23.4in.

5 randomly selected winners will be chosen at the end of the raffle and will receive a poster each. Winners 1&2 will receive a white poster. Winners 3,4&5 will receive black.

No limit for raffle tickets per person.

All proceeds from this raffle will be donated to MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians) organisation. MAP remains one of the only international organisations on the ground in the north of Gaza, where they are delivering urgent medical supplies to the remaining hospitals.

Who is Leila Khaled?

Leila and her family were forced to leave Haifa after the city fell to Zionist forces during the April 1948 Nakba, when she was barely four years old. Inspired by her personal experiences of forced exile from her hometown and the suffering of her kin and nation, Leila Khaled took the struggle of Palestinian women into new and unprecedented directions. She has made notable contributions in social, humanitarian, and political areas, in the service of her cause, and in defense of basic human rights.

Raffle will close Saturday, March 23rd at Midnight EST

Winners will be notified the week of March 24th.

Free Palestine.

March 9th, 2024

Link here:

Punks for Gaza - A Homeland Denied (

A HOMELAND DENIED: A Compilation for the Palestinian Liberation

A HOMELAND DENIED: A Compilation for Palestinian Liberation” is out on bandcamp NOW. We are proud to announce this massive hardcore (and adjacent) benefit compilation to send urgent aid to Palestinian children in Gaza. All profits will be donated to MECA for Peace to send humanitarian aid to Palestinian youth in Gaza.

121 bands from all over the world (big, small and even brand new ones) came together for this project offering unique contributions (new exclusive songs, live recordings, remixes, some released tracks, etc.), to show a unified message of solidarity to the people of Gaza who are facing a genocide of unprecedented proportions.

The hardcore scene must show that our values are not empty words but deep convictions: we walk the talk.


For over 75 years, the people of Palestine have been suffering ethnic cleansing, systemic displacement, exploitation, illegal occupation and genocidal practices in their own homeland, under a bloody apartheid regime by the Israeli settler colonial project. What started with the British colonization of Palestine at the beginning of the 20th century, turned into a violent land grab by the Zionist settlers, which threw the region into turmoil for its native inhabitants, who had been coexisting in relative peace for centuries. Those forced out of their land and living in exile all over the world, their children and grandchildren, are all denied their internationally lawful right to return to their own homes and land that has been brutally stolen from them and appropriated by the Zionist colonial entity.

The people of Gaza, most being refugees of the Nakba and their descendants, half of which are children (53.5% with PTSD pre-Oct. 7th), have been living in “the world’s bigger open air prison” akin to a massive concentration camp, due to a 16 year total blockade of land, sea and sky and are under constant siege, with restricted electricity, water and food. Contemporaneously, 2023 was the deadliest on record for Palestinians in the West Bank well-before the events of October 7th. We oppose the killing of civilians anywhere and mourn their deaths, but it is foolish to believe this violence from the oppressed exists in a vacuum. The West Bank saw dozens of day-long pogroms, village burnings, thousands of illegal settlement expansions, multiple bombings of hospitals and schools in refugee camps, collective punishment, all war crimes, product of the most far-right, openly fascist Israeli government in history, which has continuously and openly stated their goals of wiping Palestinians off the map.

Today, the Gazans are facing a devastating genocide of unprecedented speed and proportions, with one of the highest rates of deaths in history: more than at least 24.000 people (plus 8.000+ missing trapped under the rubble), including at least 10.400 children, have been brutally murdered by the Israeli Occupation Forces in the 100 days since the brutal retaliation by Hamas on Oct. 7th.

More than 1 in 100 Gazans murdered in only 3 months, hundreds of families completely wiped off the population registry, and the highest number of journalists killed (113) in a single “conflict” in modern history. According to Save the Children, the number of children killed in Gaza in just the first 3 weeks of the assault has surpassed the annual number of children killed across the world’s conflict zones since 2019.

Palestinians are being slaughtered indiscriminately by bombs produced and handed out by the western states, fully enabling the Israeli genocide machine with the cannon fodder necessary to continue their shared colonialist project in the area.

For all of the above, it is our moral duty now, like it was for decades before and it will be until Palestinians are liberated, to do everything in our power to provide aid to those in need, protest, spread awareness, organize and take direct action to halt the imperialist war industry. We advocate for freedom, equality and liberation for all in the region.

If you wonder what you would’ve done during slavery or the apartheid in South Africa, what you’re doing now is what you would’ve done then. This is a fight against colonialism and against imperialism. It’s a fight for justice, for human rights, for liberation. Being on the right side of history once history is past is not only useless, it’s betrayal, it’s complicit and it’s lethal.


released January 18, 2024

Special thank you to all the bands for participating, to Paris Malamatianos, Jens Olov of Times of Desperation, Madhu Brata Das of Lifelike, Agus Suryanto of Hands Upon Salvation, Sunny Singh at hate5six, Athens Hardcore, Josh James/Jesse Barnett of STYG, Austin Hayes of Heavy//Hitter, Hour of Reprisal, Nikolay Gankov of Ugly and Proud Records, and Mani Mostofi of Racetraitor.

Link here:

Crass - In War There Is No Glory (

Crass – In War There Is No Glory

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